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SEVERE PAIN WILD LETTUCE FORMULA Powder Lactuca Rubiaceae Mixed Species Leaf Tea

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If the other Wild Lettuce Products do not work for you, this WILL! This blend features a mixed-species hybrid blend of ground lactuca leaf along with blend of ground coffee family leaves. 

SHIVAZ SHAMAN BLENDS! Native American, African, Eastern Healing Tonics Recipe Bags

FINALLY! We have launched our new line of products from Shivaz Leaf on YouTube! Shivaz Leaf enjoys developing, researching, and educating the public on ancient and olden ethnic, spiritual, and holistic remedies from around the world. He focuses on relief of stress, anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue, and respiratory problems while brightening mood by assisting with gains in strength, fitness, libido, calmness, and enabling better sleep.

Please remember, we are not licensed medical practitioners, and any information we give comes strictly from our research in natural and homeopathic remedies along with our personal experience. Obviously, our experience with medical professionals has been mixed, otherwise we would not have created these products or this site, and you probably would not be reading this right now. That being said, please know though our products are not meant to replace advice from a licensed medical professional or prescribed pharmaceuticals, treatments, or interventions. These and all statements on this website, and our products have not been evaluated by the FDA. 

PLEASE DO NOT START YOUR ALL-NATURAL PAIN RELIEF JOURNEY WITH THIS PRODUCT UNLESS YOU HAVE A TOLERANCE TO PAIN RELIEVERS BUILT UP,  no matter how much pain you are in! The creator of this website (me/I/your's truly), who is also the owner of Best Wild Lettuce, has a chronic, incurable, systemic autoimmune disorder which causes pain that has been compared by researchers to being similar to the pain of bone cancer and that very much lacks awareness by our politicians, medical and mental health physicians, and society at large. Though beautiful, our state is one with lower high school graduation rates along side higher rates of the uninsured and lacking in competent specialist physicians. And, there was a time when this writer/owner/chronically ill but educated herbal website owner found herself a "long haul" single parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum and (due to a misdiagnosed neurological disorder) having a brain that was drooping into her spinal column causing a cyst and a fluid backlog to form in the spinal cord, hydrocephalus and intracranial hypertension to form in the brain, and a slow decline from pain into numbness and paralysis with persistent intense pain in the areas she could feel that none of her specialists could seem to grasp.

She requests you not be like her and start your pain relief experience with the plants in this blend due to ignorance. She and Shivaz Leaf both agree it's much better to start with a milder Wild Lettuce product and not have to spend several months tapering down when you do not need the product anymore. Call or message us to chat. No judgements. It's our opinion that anything that works for severe pain has the propensity to be habit forming, but making your pain go away would just make this website's owner's codependent little heart very happy. We made this section of writing long for a reason, and that reason is to give you as much time to think about whether or not this product was for you as possible. We want to make sure you have the information you need to make the best decision for you. Even though something is not approved by the FDA, this does not mean something does not work almost immediately and work well. 🌱❤️🌿