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SHIVAZ LEAF CALM ANXIETY RELIEF RELAXATION TEA: Passiflora Incarnata Passion Flower Woodland Lettuce

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Known as the ~Benzos of Nature~ according to historical literature, we have stuffed this tea full of Passiflora Incarnata (Purple Passion Flower) as well as the Wild Bluish-Purple Lactuca Floridana Lettuce (often misidentified as Lactuca Biennis, or Tall Blue Lettuce). These are two of the most sedating compounds known to the Cherokee and Seminole tribes of Native Americans, and you can find them both with no fillers in this bagged loose leaf tea from the Best Wild Lettuce & Shivaz Leaf Collaboration! Grown from seed, harvested at the peak of ripeness, made to order, and delicately packaged all by the same caring hands. 

Plans for the future of this product: This year, we are researching additional plants to add to this soothing remedy next year. Would anyone like to guess what they might be? A free bag will go to the first person who guesses correctly or is the closest to being correct! Woot woot! 🥳 HINT: There are several plants which we are currently growing for this research and many we might like to add, but only two will make the cut this year. Send us a smoke signal (email, I mean 😅) to with the following: 

1. Subject: Sit Down & Relax

2. Body: Your best guess on two products you believe we may add along with name, address, email, and (optional) phone number.
3.Type the word  "Yes" or "No" at the end if you want or don't want to hear about our promotions in the future (one email about every one or two months).

A decision will be made on or before December 31st, 2022, and assuming no changes in our website host's terms, winner as well as all participants notified on or before January 31st, 2023.

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