Best Wild Lettuce

Best Wild Lettuce Highest-Potency Wild Opium Lactuca ETOH+H2O Base Tincture!

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At this point, you probably already know that the potent component of the plant (lactucarium) turns black when it is freshly extracted from the plant. In fact, once it is extracted down, it is going to have the appearance of tar. If one were to take tar and dilute it, think about the outcome with various amounts of¬†some sort of a clear thinner¬†being added to it. How much of this tar would it take to make that tar into a light brown tea-colored product? (Very little.) Then, they sell it to you for $100.00? With this information, one intuitively knows what color a good wild lettuce tincture will be. Ours is¬†the correct color, and theirs drives me nuts too... A versatile liquid created with fresh ripe lactuca serriola and can best be described with our trademarked phrase,¬† ‚ŹłA tincture is not a tea, nor should it look like a tea!‚Źł

Why ours is best:
  • Home-cooked in small batches with fresh crushed wild lettuce.
  • Lactucarium (the potent milky sap from the plant) is stripped from opium lettuce stems and leaves, picked at the peak of ripeness.
  • As the sap is not 100% water-soluble, we¬†soak our wild lettuce in a high-quality 100% distilled drinking alcohol solution, unlike cheaper products on the market that use water. We do customize.
  • Please send us email with special request water base or larger bulk quantities as well as additional items be added.¬†
  • Our wild lettuce is a 100% pesticide-free and chemical-free organic field-grown product.
  • Lettuce is allowed to¬†soak over a period of at least six weeks before being used in our extracts and tinctures to ensure highest potency possible.
  • Contains no¬†fillers¬†and suitable for a variety of uses.
  • Extracted, packaged, and shipped by caring USA family who knows about pain, anxiety, chronic illness, and sensory processing disorders.
  • No fancy packaging. Just a quality food-grade garden product¬†made in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains

Photo: Fresh wild lettuce deserves a nice, long bath.

Photo: Almost done! Just waiting to be strained and bottled!

***Half-ounce size may come in a one-ounce bottle that is half-full. Two-ounce size may come as two one-ounce bottles. Bottles and containers may or may not be the same as those pictured. They may or may not come with a dropper.***